Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do prior to my consult appointment?

Make a list of all previous cosmetic procedures including surgical and non-surgical treatment. This includes fillers, toxins, lasers, and tightening procedures, as well as the dates associated with each procedure. Make a list of any products that you are currently using on your skin, or recently used with either beneficial or adverse effects.


If you anticipate any treatments on your first visit, avoid taking these products 7-10 days prior to your appointment to help avoid bruising: 


-Inflammatory medications (Celebrex)
-Fish oils
-Ginkgo bilboa
-Juicing/ juice cleanses
-Multivitamins or a vitamin pack
-Omega 3
-Red/Rose Wine
-Tinted alcohol
-Vitamin E


If anything of the list was prescribed by a physician for a medical condition, do not stop taking it! If you have questions about how a prescription drug might react to treatment, please continue taking your medication as prescribed, and call our office at 212.684.2626 for more information. Do not schedule treatments immediately before a special event. Do not come in with an active infection on your face (i.e cold sores.)

I see some procedures may cause bruising. Can I cover those up with makeup?

It will look like a bruise with makeup! You should leave several days for your final result try taking a long weekend off. If you have the time, we have the ability to treat bruising with lasers which will decrease the duration of the bruise.

Will my face look fatter with filler?

Our goal for filling is to lift and shape: no one has ever asked for a rounder face! I fill where volume has been lost. The goal is NOT to recreate your face but to restore your face.

Botox® - will I look frozen?

Botox should be used where muscles are hyperactive, to decrease deep expression lines. The goal of any toxin is to soften these expression lines while leaving natural expression. No one should say your BOTOX looks good!

When is it time for a facelift?

It’s time for a facelift when your fillers, toxins, and tightening procedures no longer give you results that are pleasing. In that case, it may be time to establish a new base line for your face. It’s like the analogy of a house whose foundation has become weak: no amount of spackle will fill the cracks.

When is the right age to have my first cosmetic dermatology procedure?

Skin aging is about two things: genetic predisposition and lifestyle. Some women have skin which is resistant to aging; other women smoke often and don’t use sunscreen. So there is no hard-and-fast rule about when it’s time to get a cosmetic dermatology procedure.  The right age is the age where you feel unhappy with the tone and texture of your skin. It’s worth noting that the more repair or resurfacing your skin needs, the more repeat procedures you'll need to get the results you want. That's why dermatologists encourage you to get procedures at the first sign of aging--whenever that may be!

Where can I buy from your skincare line Patricia Wexler M.D.?

You can purchase our skincare line directly from Bath & Body Works.

Click here for more information about our products.

What can I do if my favorite Wexler product has been discontinued?

If you love a product that is no longer available we encourage you to reach out to
Bath & Body Works and share with them what products you’d like to see back on the shelves. The customer service department can be reached at 1-800-756-5005. Click here for more information about our products.

Why do you no longer carry the Acnescription line?

We’ve been touched at the outpouring of support and loyalty we’ve received towards the Acnescription line. We are currently working with Bath & Body Works to see if there is any way of returning the product to market. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the latest news on our practice, including occasional updates about Wexler Dermatology products. Click here for more information about our available skincare line.

We hope these frequently asked questions have been helpful. Please contact us should you have additional questions we will answer them on phone or will schedule a consultation.


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